Special Announcements


Effective August 18, 2016: Inside Wireman applications will no longer be accepted in San Mateo County until further notice.

Please also note that Aptitude Testing has been suspended until 2017.

Update to State Certification Examination
A new exam became effective on June 2, 2014. This exam is based on the NEC 2011 code book. Please see the current candidate information bulletin (CIB) http://www.dir.ca.gov/dlse/ECU/CandidateInfoBulletin.htm for test taking information such as scheduling your exam, rescheduling and cancelling your exam, the content, references, and special accommodations. Please refer to this bulletin before you take the new updated exam.

RENEWAL Application for Certification
RENEWAL Applications for Certification are now available at www.dir.ca.gov/DAS/ElectricalTrade.htm.
NOTE: Please send your RENEWAL Application for Certification before it expires preferably at least 1 month prior to expiration date. You may submit your renewal application up to one year before your certification expires.
IMPORTANT: You are REQUIRED to have:
1) Renewal fee of $100.00;
2) 32 hours of continuing education and;
3) 2,000 hours in the industry in the previous 3 years.
If your certification expired before you can renew, you must pay an additional fee of $100.00 to retake the certification exam (i.e., Renewal fee = $100, but if your certification is also expired, you need to retake exam at an additional cost of $100. Total fee = $200.00).


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